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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: How Consistency Can Save Interpreting

Consistency in any service, from a grocery store, to banks, to the doctor office, needs to be a consistent system. If Google marries Siri, will that fix all the variables for a consistent experience where ever you go?  Let's hope that isn't the answer.

Accelerate Medical Interpreter Professional Development with Shared Learning

When participating in professional development activities, let's find ways to share the learning with all interpreter colleagues. 

Finding Equivalents for U.S. Healthcare Terms: Googling it and Beyond

Natalya Mytareva highlights her topic on interpreting non-standardized healthcare terms. She’ll present at the 9th Annual TAHIT Educational Symposium.

Healthcare Interpreters: Prepare for the Changes in Our Profession!

Eliana Lobo shares highlights of her presentation for working medical interpreters, which she'll present at the 9th Annual TAHIT Educational Symposium.

Interpret in Healthcare? Have yourself a laugh!

Interpreting in the medical setting is serious business. Having a good laugh can help interpreters build the stamina to get through the challenges of working in the medical setting. 

Medical Interpreters: Understanding Law Enforcement Role In Mental Health Crises

The medical interpreter should understand the role and training of the officer who is present during a mental health crisis intervention.

The ABCs of Interpreting in Pediatrics

Interpreting in pediatrics is unique to other settings in that interpreters, like pediatricians, are dealing with young patients and their caregivers.