Investing in Yourself

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No one likes to talk about money.

You work hard to earn it and there are so many ways to spend it.  Regardless of your position, or budget, medical interpreters need to invest in their own professional development.  Investing money wisely into your professional self is a part of increasing your earning potential.   

Here are five reasons why investing in yourself can improve your financial situation:   

  1. Return On Investment (ROI).  All organizations assess their return on investment for any expense.  Your services are no different.  Enhancing your ability to be a value added expenditure vs. "a have to" will increase your likelihood of winning cheerleaders for your services.   

  2. Marketability.  When looking for work you want to show your buyer that you have a vested interest in helping them.  Health care is a big industry and all professionals invest time and money in developing their skills.  By investing in your professional development you can demonstrate that you can be their peer. 

  3. Confidence.  Health care presents a vast array of circumstances and vocabulary isn't the only thing that will prepare you for them all.  When you invest time in working with industry leaders and others dedicated to your craft you will feel more confident that you can handle anything that comes your way.   

  4. Career vs. Job.  Most people don't invest unpaid time or their own money for a job.  Jobs are usually a way to make ends meet and don't inspire passion for the work.  Careers are the opposite.  They inspire you to want more and investing in yourself is your way to move onward and upward! 

  5. Show me the money!  Investing in your professional development demonstrates your commitment to your customers and your profession.  When it comes to finding work in a competitive, or unwitting, work environment showing your dedication to improving your skills will give you an advantage over the rest.   

Regardless of the source or manner, choose opportunities that can check these five boxes and you'll be on your way to discovering more of what being a medical interpreter can do for you!