Investing in Your Team

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If you're like most interpreting services managers you have a limited budget, or no budget at all.  One way you can change that is by building the case for the value that your request will add to the organization.   

Assess your request against others throughout the organization.  If your organization supports the development of one team, there's no reason why they can't support the development of yours. 

The mere existence of your department may be a hard sell to most.  But your main job is championing the work your department does by selling the value they add to the different departments, people, and the organization as a whole. 


The best way to increase that value is to invest in your team.  Offering a group training opportunity is a low cost, high reward opportunity for your organization.   


Here are 5 value-added opportunities for group training: 

  1. Efficiency.  All targeted training offers a continuity among the team that creates greater efficiency for the consumer. 

  2. Collaboration.  Individuals can learn from their team mates in ways that might otherwise be missed.  Focused content and engagement can make your team grow closer. 

  3. Buy-In.  Putting together a training program for interpreters can also be an opportunity for the organization.  Be sure to include other managers, departments and organizational leaders that are interested in seeing how your department can further help the organization. 

  4. Targeted Learning.  You are in a unique position to blend what your organization and your team needs are.  Seeking opportunities that achieve both can be the golden opportunity for support. 

  5. Loyalty.  People who feel appreciated are more likely to stick around.  Offering interpreters the opportunity to develop their professional skills and investing in their future can create a tenured and effective team that fosters organizational growth. 


Don't let limited budgets get in your way.  Demonstrate the benefit your targeted training request can have on your manager and the organization.  Because Together Everyone Achieves More!

Posted on May 31, 2017 .