Medical Interpreter Practice Dialogues are Here!


At Connecting Cultures, we've long used comprehensive, real-life medical role-play scenarios, Dialogues as we call them, to train and develop our team of professional interpreters. Now you, too, can put these valuable resources to work in developing your own or your team's professional interpreting skills.  

Medical Interpreter Dialogues

When we say comprehensive, we mean it. Multiple real-life scenarios. Written formats. Audio formats. Files with interpretation and without. All professional quality, of course. We even threw in our User Guide so you have tips and strategies to help you make the most of all the tools we've included!

Dialogue Pages

Choose your desired language pair below. Explore the available print and audio samples, and download your very own Dialogues pack. 

Don't wait for the next appointment to hone your skills and take your interpreting to the next level. With our Dialogues, you can simulate the real thing and take control of your professional development. 

Available Language Pairs: 


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