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Language & Microaggression of Victims and Perpetrators: The Medical Interpreter's Experience

Being aware of microaggressions is one of those little big things we can do as professionals to ensure better understanding to those we serve - patients, providers, and colleagues.

Opportunity is Key to Closing the Gap

Hard work, a curiosity to know more, respect and honesty are the keys to creating opportunity for yourself and others. I've learned that finding opportunity is the key to finding success.  Opportunity won't find you. You must be determined to find it. If you seek to improve your position in life there are a few things you'll need.

6 Steps to Creating a Great Workplace for Healthcare Interpreters

Anyone who manages healthcare interpreters knows that they are frequently faced with a number of stressful situations. As these stressors build up overtime, interpreters can become disengaged, disillusioned and burnt out. So what can we do to support professional healthcare interpreters and alleviate these stressors?

Treasure Box for the Healthcare Interpreter’s Senses

Healthcare interpreters’ senses are constantly bombarded with information. Sometimes this information is a cause for joy. Other times this information is a cause for sorrow. As part of an interpreter’s daily self-care practices, it is helpful to incorporate strategies that soothe and renew the senses.

Interpreter Self-Care: Being affected by what you do

Prior to becoming a healthcare interpreter, I was informed of the many challenges that healthcare interpreters face in their field — the emotionally charged encounters; the unpleasant sights, sounds and smells; the odd hours and long shifts. I knew of all these and other challenges ahead of time, and, as such, was able to identify and respond to them reasonably well. I also knew that working in the field of healthcare would have an impact on me personally, but I was a little surprised about the self-discoveries I made.

Superpower Wish List for Medical Interpreters

Have you ever wished for a particular superpower to help you better handle interpreting encounters? I know I have. It might seem silly to daydream about having superpowers, but doing so can help to uncover superpower alternatives that are realistic and produce the desired outcome — even if it does take a bit more effort. Here are my top four.