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I Don't Need an Interpreter (Part 2)

Sometimes family members of the patient don’t want interpreters, especially if they feel prepared to do the interpreting. That perspective can change once they discover that their skill levels don't meet the needs of the encounter.

How a Friday Night Fish Fry Changed My Life

 I never thought working at a super club would change my life, but in so many ways it did. It became the catalyst for the design of my scheduling department. How can we effectively run a business if we don't look at the big picture, all the while keeping our customers happy and our interpreters busy.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: How Consistency Can Save Interpreting

Consistency in any service, from a grocery store, to banks, to the doctor office, needs to be a consistent system. If Google marries Siri, will that fix all the variables for a consistent experience where ever you go?  Let's hope that isn't the answer.

Accelerate Medical Interpreter Professional Development with Shared Learning

When participating in professional development activities, let's find ways to share the learning with all interpreter colleagues. 

Finding Equivalents for U.S. Healthcare Terms: Googling it and Beyond

Natalya Mytareva highlights her topic on interpreting non-standardized healthcare terms. She’ll present at the 9th Annual TAHIT Educational Symposium.