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I Don't Need an Interpreter (Bonus Story)

When the patient or family members are bilingual, it might not be immediately apparent to the medical team if an interpreter is needed or not. As a medical interpreter, you might find yourself in this situation, too, if you are ever in need of medical care. As it turns out, sometimes an interpreter is truly not required.

5 Things Medical Interpreters Need to Know About Informed Consent

Cynthia Peinado Hermosillo highlights her topic on informed consent, which she’ll present at the 9th Annual TAHIT Educational Symposium.

Healthcare Interpreters: Prepare for the Changes in Our Profession!

Eliana Lobo shares highlights of her presentation for working medical interpreters, which she'll present at the 9th Annual TAHIT Educational Symposium.

Communicating Across Cultures Requires More Than Language

There's more to communicating across cultures than finding a shared language (or interpreter). It is also necessary to develop skills and strategies that allow you to communicate effectively across cultures. Who knew time at a great conference and ordering a glass of water could be so insightful? 

Posted on April 12, 2013 and filed under Medical Team.