01/21/2020, 10:00AM (CDT) Course: Rolling with the Punches

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RWTP Course Thumbnail.png

01/21/2020, 10:00AM (CDT) Course: Rolling with the Punches


This interactive training session equips interpreters with practical strategies to recognize and respond to a variety of risk factors inherent to medical interpreting. 

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Did you think the most difficult part of your job would be remembering medical terms? 

Even when you've done all the planning and preparation to handle potentially risky situations, you're still going to get caught off guard while doing the exhausting and potentially hazardous work of a medical interpreter. 

Whether it's being sprayed with cord blood as the doctor makes her cut, or an inappropriate advance from a clinic employee after an encounter - interpreters are routinely exposed to situations where experience and fast-thinking can see them to safety of body and mind.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and respond to inappropriate behavior directed at the interpreter

  • Identify and respond to potentially dangerous situations

  • Identify strategies to minimize risk of harm from medical environment hazards

  • Maintain personal safety while living and working in the same community

Course Details:

  • 2-hour course

  • CE approved:

    • ATA: 2 points

    • CCHI: 2 hours (1 instructional + 1 performance based)

    • IMIA/NBCMI: 0.2 CEUs

    • WA DSHS: 2 hours

  • Live, instructor-led, online classroom

  • Instructor: Erin Rosales

  • Specifically for interpreters working on-site in healthcare facilities